As the world continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, checking you are ready to travel is more important than ever. We have compiled some useful tips and information for travelling abroad, adapted from the UK's largest travel association, ABTA and the government's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).


Travel Insurance

  • Never travel without appropriate travel insurance that covers you for illness, repatriation and any activities you intend to participate in.
  • If you are ever unsure speak to your Personal Travel Agent.
  • Take a copy of your travel insurance policy and emergency contact number with you.
  • Leave a copy of your travel details with a family member or emergency contact.

Passport and entry

  • Now that the UK has left the European Union you may need to take extra steps before you travel to EU countries. Further details are available at:
  • Check the expiry date on your passport to ensure it is valid for when you intend to travel.
  • If you need to renew your passport ensure you have enough time to do so.
  • Some destinations require a minimum of six months of validity on entry.
  • Apply for any visas in good time.
  • Check the entry requirements for the country you intend to travel to.

Health and Vaccinations

  • Read the health advice and check any health and vaccination requirements on the Travel Health Pro website. Travel Health Pro is an organisation that was established by the Department of Health to protect the health of travellers:
  • Regularly review local laws and public health requirements for the country you intend to visit.
  • Pack a sufficient quantity of face masks and hand sanitiser.
  • Face masks will be required at the airport, on the flight, on the transfer and in some destinations in public areas, shops and hotels.
  • Take an adequate supply of medication to provide cover in case of a longer than planned stay.

Destination Requirements

  • Research your destination to understand local customs, etiquette and dress codes and pack to accommodate.
  • Ensure you are aware of any local Covid-19 measures and restrictions.
  • Check if your accommodation has any specific Covid-19 measures in place.
  • Check whether you will need to quarantine on your return to the UK:

Planning and Packing

  • If you have accessibility requirements discuss them with us as it may be necessary to modify certain services to comply with Covid-19 measures.
  • Check with your airline or transport provider for any specific requirements for travel.
  • Carry a copy of your holiday booking confirmation and contact details for us in your hand luggage.
  • Check and follow the luggage policy of your transport provider.
  • Carry a supply of medication in your hand luggage and check if there are any restrictions.
  • Pack face masks and hand sanitiser in your hand luggage.
  • If travelling with children, carry baby formula, nappies and items to keep them occupied.
  • Keep a copy of the ID pages of your passport somewhere safe throughout your holiday.
  • On arrival cash may not be accepted. Ensure your cards are set up to used abroad and where possible are contactless.
  • Ensure you have all the required documentation e.g. medical certificates, visa.

Preparing to return to the UK

Passengers arriving from all international destinations are now required to present a negative Covid-19 test taken in the 3 days prior to departure. (Children under the age of 11 to not need to take a test).  Further details are available in our ‘Testing’ section.  12-48 hours prior to returning to the UK, make sure you complete the Public Health Passenger Locator form as required by the UK Border Force: . Each person in your party will need to do this.
You will need to provide:
-Your passport details
-The name of the airline, train or ferry company you are travelling with
-If you are travelling as part of a tour group you will need to provide the organising company's name
-Your booking reference
-The name of the airport, port or station you will be arriving at
-The date you will be arriving
-Your flight, train, bus or ferry number
-The address you will be staying at for the first 14 days in the UK
-Details of someone who can be contacted if you get ill once back in the UK

Arrival in the UK

  • As of Monday 17th May 2021, there are new coronavirus testing and quarantine rules. More information is available in our 'Testing' section.
  • Ensure you have either a paper or electronic copy of the Public Health Passenger Locator form ready for inspection.
  • If returning from a country where quarantine and self-isolation are mandatory requirements, you should return home by private transport and follow the government guidance.
  • If you feel unwell, contact NHS 111 and advise them on your travel history and follow any guidance.
  • If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 after travelling, notify your tour operator or travel provider.



ABTA guidance for staying safe on holiday:

In addition, the Government provide guidance for British people travelling abroad during the Coronavirus pandemic at: